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Virtual and In-Person Sales Training

Twenty-five years consulting experience with over 150 sales organizations in the consumer products, beverage and foodservice industries throughout the world has provided a unique breadth and depth of exposure to different industry markets, companies and customer sales and sales management situations.

Develop Productive Sales Teams

Training Goals: Learn how to structure, organize and manage the internal sales function.
Program Length: 2 to 4 days

  • How to build a winning sales team
  • Managing salespeople
  • Common mistakes
  • Hiring steps and tools: interview evaluation form
  • How to structure the sales function
  • Geographic coverage, number and type of accounts and classification
  • Distributors: programming strategy and tactics
  • Managing incentives and pricing
  • Distributor management: annual planning and reviews

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Professional Selling Skills & Strategies™

Training Goals: Learn the principles and techniques that drive sales of new distribution, displays, promotion and space management to on and off-premise accounts.
Program Length: 3 to 5 Days

The Sales Professional

  • Definition of salesmanship: persuasion vs. influence
  • Professional vs traditional selling: How effective selling has evolved
  • Three selling situations and the most effective sales approach to use

Three Step Sales Presentation
Selling from the Customer’s Perspective

Step I The Opening: capture the customer’s attention and interest. 4 opening principles and 4 techniques

Step II The Proposal: How to effectively use features/benefits and evidence to prepare presentations that SELL!

Step III The Close: recognizing buying signals and 5 closing techniques

  • Building customer relationships
  • Developing rapport and credibility 3 Step Skill Set
  • Skill in recognizing and Responding to 4 Communication Styles
  • Questioning, Probing and Effective Listening Skills.

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Managing & Developing People™

Training Goals: To strengthen sales management skills, establish and reinforce supplier and distributor sales and sales management processes for high impact results.
Program Length: 2 to 5 Days

  • Define the management role, common mistakes and critical skills
  • Clarify the process and payout of building core performers
  • Understand role of engagement in motivating employees
  • Be able to distinguish between training needs and performance issues
  • Know how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals and training objectives
  • Distinguish between training needs and performance problems
  • Implement a productive work environment using procedures
  • Learn processes for coaching and counselling salespeople
  • Learn differences between management and leadership
  • Be able to use leadership styles and know when each is most effective
  • Learn training as a process – not a project

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Group Training Skills (Train-the-Trainer™)

Training Goals: To develop teaching and group communication skills for internal training staff.
Program Length: 3 to 4 days

Participants will learn how to use a 5 step systematic group communication process to prepare and conduct more effective sales meetings and training workshops in less time.

  • Demonstrate 4 key competencies of an effective sales manager and trainer.
  • Establish relevance of the meeting topics using “initial motivation” 3 techniques
  • Use the 4 principles of information organization
  • Organize group activities to change pace and increase retention.
  • Selection and use of visual aids – PowerPoint™ and spontaneous flip charts
  • Generate participation and facilitate group discussions
  • Conduct effective role plays to build skills

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Building Brands Through Distributors™

Training Goals: Strengthen the sales manager’s abilities to plan, organize, direct and control distributor or broker sales execution
Program Length: 3 to 5 days

Participants will learn how to use a 5 step systematic group communication process to prepare and conduct more effective sales meetings and training workshops in less time.

  • Learn 4 primary factors that determine supplier share of mind and guidelines for managing distributor sales execution.
  • Common mistakes working with wholesalers.
  • How to manage from data that is category, brand sales, and profit driven.
  • Understanding the sales process
  • Using the 4 step sales splanning
  • Market knowledge, standards and S.W.O.T. analysis
  • Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and objectives
  • Tactical sales execution control
  • Incentivizing programs – mistakes to avoid
  • On and off premise survey –
  • Key pricing management principles
  • Prepare and deliver effective distributor business reviews

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Professional Sales Negotiation Skills

Training goals: To develop negotiation skills with on and off-premise customers, distributors, vendors and suppliers.
Program Length: 1 to 3 days

  • Contribution awareness
  • Ability to recognize common negotiating mistakes and specific tactics to avoid.
  • Negotiating VS Selling
  • 4 Behaviors of Effective Negotiators
  • 4 Negotiation Situations
  • Open Discussions and Sharing
  • 5 negotiation planning questions to improve results
  • Gain a greater understanding of negotiation power and leverage
  • Learn seven concessions guidelines and how to offer and seek concessions
  • Learn how to identify, counter and use eight negotiation tactics

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21st Century Key Account Selling

Training Goals: to understand the dynamics of large enterprise accounts.
Program Length: 2-4 days

  • How major chain accounts are organized and operate
  • How the pandemic has affected consumer and customer behavior.
  • Learn the criteria used by key accounts to evaluate new brands/SKUs.
  • What do accounts look for in determining which brands to promote.
  • The goals & strategies major accounts that drive key account decisions
  • The current consumer centric applications of category management.

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